PACINC Tunaweza Victo with two sponsored kids

Victo Nalule , Founder of Tunaweza Foundation with two of the sponsored students, Aron and Derrick.

Victo with a disabled girl at an orphanage

Victo with a disabled girl at an orphanage

The Tunaweza Foundation is NGO that strives to provide equal opportunities for disabled children and integrate them into the mainstream while helping them maintain their dignity.
The foundation achieves its goal by being an advocate for integrating disabled children into mainstream schools with their peers. The foundation also funds school fees and transport for the poorest disabled children.
Tunaweza Foundation’s mission fits in nicely with the pursuits of Polio and Children in Need Charity, both organisations aim to assist economically disadvantaged and/or handicapped children develop educational and vocational skills that will eventually make them full contributing members of the society. 
By working together, the two organisations are educating and training disabled youth as first steps to becoming a part of their communities. Currently, Polio and Children in Need Charity is providing school fees for five students with polio at various schools in Kampala.  

Veronica on her way to class.

Veronica , aspiring to be an accountant

Anna taking a stroll in the residence compound.

Anna, will be taking up a career in cloth/craft designing


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