St Lilian Jubilee Home, Gayaza

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Wasswa with his new gift of crutches.

Wasswa with his new gift of crutches.

The home was started by Sister Lucy Amoit in 2005 after children with severe disabilities were left abandoned outside her church. For several years, she was operating almost single-handedly from a rundown building loaned by the church.  The home now houses 60 children and young adults (ages three to 22 years old) with severe physical and/or mental disabilities.

"Oh my God, You have answered my prayers for my children, Thank you Polio and Children in Need Charity for making my children's lives safe." Sister Lucy Amoit.

 6-year old Kayiwa rests in his new wheelchair..

 Scovia is all smiles as she gets her own wheelchair for the first time in her  life

Prior to Polio and Children in Need Charity's support, the facilities at the Home included a dilapidated dormitory with a leaking roof and a few derelict baths and toilets.  There were no kitchen facilities and food was cooked outside on open fires – always a challenge in a rainy, tropical country.

Polio and Children in Need Charity provided funds to build a fully equipped kitchen and to renovate the dormitory and the bathrooms.  In 2019, the charity further provided money to build a ten-foot wall around the campus and to install iron gates for enhanced security of the Home’s staff and residents.

PACINC plaque at St Lilian

"There is a huge uplift in the psychological wellbeing of the children now that they are within this new wall. They move freely and are full of joy." Cathy, Polio and Children in Need coordinator


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