Salaama School for the Blind, Mukono.

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Students proudly displaying the certificates they won in the XXXX contest.

Students proudly displaying their certificates they won in a local contest.

“Your support with purchase of food and braille paper and installation of walkways has changed the accessibility and comfort of the school community, children and their teachers alike. Happy are those who share what they have, be it little, with those who are in need.”

Mr. Kinubi Francis, Headteacher

A child learning braillie.

The Salama School for the Blind was built in April 1999 by the local government in Mukono, about 25 kilometers from the country’s capital cityKampala.   

This residential school has a current enrollment of 92 children and young adults - 44 boys and 48 girls - ranging in age from six to 25 years. For the most part, the school’s physical structure has been well maintained.
However, it is located in an area that receives high rainfall resulting in the campus being regularly flooded, which makes movement for the students with impaired vision even more difficult

In 2018, Polio and Children in Need provided funds to lay down concrete pavements throughout the campus so the students could move around with ease. An effective drainage system was also installed further enhancing the mobility of the residents.  

Future projects needing funding include:   

  • Installation of a fence around the entire facility to keep it safe from burglars  and other intruders.  Cost of the fencing project: £6000 ($7500).   
  • Funds to purchase materials specifically needed for visually impaired  students, such as braille paper – something that is in short supply locally.    Our motivation: Giving to those with limited vision to help them see a bright future. 

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