Arun Patel

Born in Uganda in 1953, Arun contracted polio soon after his first birthday.   Both of his legs were left paralysed by the disease.  He realised early on that a solid education would allow him opportunities for mobility that did not rely on his physical abilities.  After initial schooling in Uganda, he then moved to England where he was among the top ten candidates to qualify as a Chartered Accountant in his year.  He went on to work for the international management company, KPMG, and then later built up his own accounting firm from the ground up.  After selling his firm, he founded Polio Children in the UK and the US to helping others who have been afflicted with the disease by proving opportunities and giving those who are polio stricken a chance to live among others with dignity and pride.

Mayoor Patel

Mayoor’s brother, Arun, was stricken with polio at a young age.  He was inspired by how his brother was still better than him at badminton, tennis, and cricket despite his physical disadvantage.  This inspired Mayoor and convinced him that polio only makes one differently able rather than disabled.

 After growing up East Africa, Mayoor arrived in the UK as refugee where he completed his higher education.  He has worked for over 30 years in business and finance setting up and advising both large and small companies. 

Shirish Patel

Now retired, Shirish worked as a medical doctor for 40 years. He was the Chief of Psychiatry at the VA Medical Center, Canandaigua, New York and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester New York.  He has been and continues to be motivated by Gandhi’s philosophy: “To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others.”

Subhdra Patel

Subhdra started doing charitable work at the age of eight.  Her first encounter with polio was when she met Arun Patel.  She did not, though, realise until several years later while she visiting India that polio could be a debilitating disease that, when combined with poverty, could set back a person’s life for good.  She has been with Polio Children from its inception and works on the administration and fund raising for the charity.  She regularly visits Polio Children sites around the world.

Subhdra works in finance and has previously worked for an international bank. 

Tajinder Singh Marway

Tajinder came to the UK to pursue higher education.  He has a long and distinguished career in information technology and telecommunications.  He was surprised one day to learn about the work his neighbours, Arun and Mayoor, were doing in India and elsewhere to help polio and other disadvantaged children.  He was immediately moved by their efforts and volunteered to work with their charity.  He attributes his own success to having been given the opportunity to be educated and hopes that his charitable efforts will give others the same possibilities. 

Tajinder is married and has two children.

Dipak ‘Dip’ Tanna

Dip was introduced to Polio Children while watching West Ham United play in East London where he met Arun Patel in the bleachers. He has been actively supporting various charities, including Polio Children, through his passion for the outdoors.  He cycled and climbed Mt. Kenya to raise funds for a water project in Kenya.  Years later, he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Polio children and another charity. 

Born in Kenya, Dip moved to the UK to study engineering and mathematics.  He is the founder of Talkdata Limited, an information technology company.

Dip is married and has two boys.


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