Our Background

Polio and Children in Need Charity (PACINC) has been a registered charity in both the UK and the USA since 2003.  
It grew out of the desire and need seen by three brothers whose father, Vaghjibhai Ranchodbhai Patel, encouraged them to seek “education at any cost.”  

This motivated the brothers, who are the founders of Polio and Children In Need to not only aspire beyond what was available to them, but to also education and create opportunities for those who are in circumstances that seem insurmountable.
 Polio and Children In Need makes what is impossible for many possible

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission is to provide nutritional, educational, healthcare, and vocational training support to children, with polio or other neuromuscular disorders and those children who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with the singular goal of making them independent and productive citizens of the community..

Our Vision to create a world in which every child with polio or other neuromuscular disorders will have the opportunity to lead a life in all its fullness.

Our Values include nurturing spiritual growth through the core values of hope, dignity, self-help, and independence.

Mission Engagement: we listen to and understand the needs and expectations of our communities, supporters and donors.

Integrity: we aspire to the highest standards of behaviour; we never compromise our reputation.

Cooperation: we respect and value each other and our partners and are committed to work effectively together to achieve our Mission.

we undertake delivery of our projects and services in a fully open and transparent fashion.

Our Achievements
Since its formation in 2003, Polio Children and Children in Need, along with several other charities, has educated and provided skills training to thousands of children and young adults in India, Africa, and the United Kingdom, so they can all look forward to a fulfilling life complete with hope and dignity.

Programs include promoting educational activities, providing nutritional support, enhancing access to healthcare services, and funding vocational training centers, so that children grow, learn, and become productive members in their communities.

Polio and Children In Need Grants Made to March 2020

Polio and Children In Need Grants Made to March 2020

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