"Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.”
Emma Thompson
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Who We Are

Polio Children was established in 2002 and is registered in the UK and the USA (in New York State.) 

How did Polio Children start?

Arun Patel, founding trustee of Polio Children UK, has been a polio survivor since he was 1 year old. Through his personal experience with polio over 5 decades, he recognised how sound education, healthy nutrition, optimal health care, and a supportive family made it possible for him to become an independent and a valuable member of the society. He also knew that with only a little help these children’s lives too could be transformed for good.

Why are there 2 branches of Polio Children – one in the UK and one in the US?

Two of the founding trustees reside in the UK and one of them lives in the USA. Plus, as noted above, polio is very much a ‘forgotten’ illness and the more we can raise awareness about the continued existence of this illness and the devastation it causes, the greater the hope there is for these handicapped children who otherwise risk being forgotten as well.

How does one become a Polio Children trustee ?

Interested persons can contact us and we will be happy to discuss the different options available. We can assure you that your participation in this organisation’s activities at any level will be rewarding, heart-warming, and a lot of fun!

What is the one thing you have learned from your work with Polio Children?

Children, able-bodied or physically handicapped, are very resourceful and have fathomless potential. All they need is a little support and tons of love. The amount of good each and everyone of us is capable of doing in this world is limitless.

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