"Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.”
Emma Thompson

Sponsor’s Delight Corner

A big “thank you” to Hitesh and Sandy Bhandari, from their sponsored student Leela Chayal:

Hitesh & Sandy Bhandari:
“This has been one of the most satisfying moments in our lives. We have our own children going for University education and to be of some help to one more child is immensely rewarding…priceless! “


Richard Coates on what it has been like to sponsor a student:

Richard Coates:
“Sponsoring with Polio Children has been a wonderful experience. Their openness and transparency enables me to be in close touch with the progress made by students sponsored by me …. truly delightful and satisfying “


Ilesh & Meeta Chavda on what it has been like to sponsor Jaswant Singh:

Ilesh & Meeta:
“We have found sponsoring Jaswant Singh tremendously worthwhile, and for us it feels like doing that little bit, will make a world of difference to Jaswant’s future.”


Dr Devik Patel on what providing a university opportunity means for him:

Dr Devik Patel:
“Going to University was something I took for granted but which has set me up for life. I would hate to know someone was denied the same opportunity especially if they were worthy both in character and academically. That is why I HAD TO DO SOMETHING and give one of them a chance which he otherwise would never get.’


Vijay & Smita Patel on the joys of sponsoring:

Vijay and Smita Patel:
“One of the best ways to contribute to society is to provide an opportunity for those less privileged to get an education which enables them to be self sufficient and support their family and community’


Steve Aylmer & Bill Johal on giving a child a helping start:

Steve Aylmer & Bill Johal:
“Although we would like to help every child we thought helping one would be a good start.”


The Patel and Makwana Family on contributing to society:

The Patel and Makwana Family:
“For many of us fortunate people, Education is a basic right and one that is taken for granted. Unfortunately it is not the case in many other parts of the world and therefore when we first came to know about this program we as a family knew that we had to be involved. By providing a chance to a child to go to school and university we not only change his/her life but also provide a chance for them to achieve their ambitions, become a contributing member of society and live a life of dignity and respect.

Having now sponsored a child for some years, we as a family have found this a truly rewarding experience. It is an experience like no other and the joys and satisfaction of following through the child’s progress is one that is not easy to express.

Please keep up the good work that you are doing and it is a real privilege to be associated with such a worthy organisation. We applaud tremendously the work that Polio Children Charity does.”


Ravi & Sonali Rastogi on why Polio Children:

Ravi & Sonali Rastogi:
“With Polio Children’s zero administration costs sponsoring a worthy student like Kailash became even more easier.”