"Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.”
Emma Thompson

Our UK Trustees

The board of trustees is drawn from individuals engaged in a wide range of professions/trades. Besides their skills and expertise they have brought their most invaluable talent ie: work ethics, thereby transforming Polio Children into such a force through part-time efforts.

Arun Patel  F.C.A, FCCA, BCAh

The founder of Polio Children has used his experiences of suffering polio to help others similarly affected by the disease. Arun Patel’s complete biography.


Mayoor Patel

Passionate about education, Mayoor believes the special abilities of children with polio can be cultivated to good use. More about Mayoor Patel


Subhdra Patel

Subdhra Patel’s repetoire of skills means that every penny donated to Polio Children is stretched to its furthest potential. Subhdra Patel’s complete biography


Tajinder Singh Marway

Tarjinder’s pragmatic approach to deal with all issues no matter how challenging has been a major underlying factor in Polio Children’s successful fundraising endeavours.More about Tajinder Singh Marway


Dipak Tanna

A West Ham football fan Dipak engages his love of adventurous pursuits to raise money for worthwhile causes such as Polio Children.More about Dipak Tanna


Dr. Shirish Patel

Shirish was born in Uganda (East Africa) in 1955. A psychiatrist by profession, he lives in Rochester, NY with his wife and daughter. Shirish draws his inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, who said, “To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others."
Dr. Patel is also a USA Director.


   Dr Devik Patel

 Devik has been a supporter of Polio Children from the age of 17 and  has visited our projects on a number of occasions and was one of the first sponsors for university Education Program soon after having completed his own graduation.



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