"Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.”
Emma Thompson

Mayoor Patel

BSc Hons , Cert PFS , BCAo

Mayoor Patel spent his childhood in East Africa and came to the UK as a refugee. Having attended a top public school and university, he then pursued a career in finance. He has spent over 30 years in the business and finance sector, setting up and advising businesses.

He grew up with polio around him and in particular, detested being beaten at badminton, tennis and cricket by his polio-affected brother. He sees polio not as a disease but that those who have polio are just differently able!

In particular, he feels that polio victims seem to have, ‘another sense which if harnessed and cultivated makes them very special.’ His passion for Polio Children and education is irresistible and thoroughly enjoys helping to make success a part of everyone’s lives.

Awards and recognitions

2006 Granted audience by Dr B S Shekhawat Vice President of India (2002-2007) for Polio Children’s continued service to handicapped children in India.

2008 Nominated for the British Polio Fellowship Awards in Helper of the Year category.

2015 Awarded Points of Light (POL) award by PM of UK Mr David Cameron.

2016 Awarded British Citizen Award (International category) BCAo .




He is married and has a daughter.

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