"Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.”
Emma Thompson
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How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help Polio Children in their efforts to improve the lives of poor, physically handicapped children. In addition to donating money, there are ample opportunities for you to make a difference through your time, expertise and creativity.

The FAQ section provides answers to many of the general questions one may have on getting involved with Polio Children. Please click on the links outlined at the bottom to determine the specific ways in which you can help us. 

Why should I help Polio Children?

You will experience first-hand the joy of giving a physically-disabled child hope and dignity with a chance to be self-sufficient in adult life. You will gain personal satisfaction knowing that you have made a difference not only in the lives of these children but in those of their families and their communities as well. As the American civil rights leader, now Congressman John Lewis, when called upon by his people in their hour of need to join the struggle, rhetorically asked, “If not me, than whom? If not now, than when?“

What are the most important things I can do to make a difference to the children?

1. Please donate. Your monetary help will provide urgently-needed items.

2. Raise awareness of the work we do. Please view a DVD (only 10 mins long) depicting the work of Polio Children. If you are impressed, please share it with your friends and families. If you are not, please tell us why and how we can improve.

3. We need your time. Please volunteer with us. Click on the other links at the end to find out more about other actions you can take for Polio Children.

How much does it cost to send one child to university?

Approximately £840 ($1,340) per annum which will cover boarding and lodging, tuition fees, books, transport , medicines, and two sets of clothes.

How can I keep up with the work of Polio Children?

Please feel free to contact us or visit our website anytime. And to see the results of our work first-hand, we strongly encourage you to visit our primary programs of support at the Sucheta Kriplani Shiksha Niketan, and Kwa Mkono Disabled Children’s Trust.

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