"Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.”
Emma Thompson

Our Projects

Polio Children runs a number of initiatives to achieve its mission of enhancing the welfare of children with polio and adults with post-polio syndrome. The projects listed in this section require funding to keep them going.

Primary Focus Projects

Sai Ram with his University Diploma on his graduation day

University Education Fund started in 2004, has benefited over 220  students and over 100 of them have got jobs in fields as diverse as teaching, tourism, and postal service. Find out more about the University Education Fund.

Vocational Training Programme was started in 2007. After researching trends in the local job market, various training programmes were created to enable children to gain skills in trades such as welding, motorcycle repairing, and tailoring . As a result, 19 children are now earning a living through their work. Find out more about the Vocational Training Programme .

Secondary Projects


On the way to school... with assistance

The lower limbs of more than 200 children (53%) at SKSN, are totally paralysed because of polio. At the time of the founding trustees’ inaugural visit in November 2002, there were only 35 wheelchairs, many of which had broken through overuse in a hostile terrain. A few children had ambulatory aids like canes and crutches. But most of them were left to the indignity of crawling on their hands over stony paths to get to their classrooms. While we have been able to add another 30 wheelchairs since, there remains a critical shortage of this essential implement.

Polio Children is committed to providing funds to procure additional wheelchairs for which we need your help.

Projected cost: £33 ($50) per wheelchair

Total cost: £2,643 ($4,000) / year for 80 wheelchairs

Health Nurse/Medical Assistance

The nearest medical facility is located about 28 kms (17 miles) from SKSN. On any given day, at least 20-30 children present with medical ailments of which at least 10% have illnesses of sufficient acuity to require evaluation by a doctor.

Over the years, Polio Children has provided £4,800 ($7,266) to support a school nurse, pay for doctor’s fees and hospital visits, and procure medicines. This initiative needs an ongoing funding stream.

Projected cost: £2,057 ($3,114) / year

Prosthetics lab

Teacher and student in the prosthetics lab

As noted above, literally hundreds of children at SKSN have physical disabilities who would benefit from devices that would assist them with mobility. The greatest need is for calipers, and crutches. A prosthetics laboratory was set up in 2004. In addition to fabricating prosthetics and serving as a repair shop, the laboratory also serves as a Vocational Training Programme for interested students.

Projected cost: £17,006 ($25,734) / year including £13,656 ($20,620) materials



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